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With interface for battery pack of Sony NP-F970/F770
Applicable to any shoulder-mount camcorder.

ST-LBPS1800  fits  for the Sony battery such as “NP-F970/F770”


The “NP-F970/F770” are recommended for ST-LBPS1800

The “CGA-D54S/D28S” are recommended for ST-LBPP1800

The “BP-U60/U30” are recommended for ST-LEX1800

The “VW-VBG6/VBG260” are recommended for ST-HMC1800

STARRYMEGA V mount or Anton Bauer Mount battery pack works with all on camera light with external power connector.

Detailed features:

1. Advanced international famous brand LEDs .


  1. Can save energy maxmiumly and environmental design with the power 18W.3. Beam angle : Original 90 degree,  45 degree with condenser lens


  1. High illuminance: 1800Lux(1m)5. Light weight: 420g only

    6. Selectable temperature: 4500K/3200K using the diffuser according to the actual situation

    7. Continuous adjustable luminance 10%~100%

    8. Adjustable beam: High beam or low beam

    9. Long life span: > 5000 hours

    10. Two installation methods: Cold shoe and bolt

    11. Can be used iboth indoor or outdoor.

  2. Versatile mount type: Sony , Panasonic, Canon , LEX , HMC.

14. Provide OEM and ODM service

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