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  1. Low consumption:LED ST-J300AD draws 300W at maximum providing a 1200W equivalent HMI light output.
  2. Patented technology:Innovative patented multi-poit LED spot technology improves efficency of the heat dissipation twice more than LED modules ,which makes the LED bulbs applicable to high power HMI light .
  3. Intelligent fan: Low noise temperature-controlled fan prolongs the working life of LED bulbs . Fan starts to work automatically when temperature arrives 45℃ and brightness reaches 70% .
  4. Two power methods: Works both on AC 90V~160v and DC 12V~48V
  5. Easy operation :Battery powered option without generator and long power cable. One operator

only and thus a big labor cost saving.

  1. Easy setup : The conventional HMI lamp needs about 30 minutes to reach the required color temperature and brightness, and also need 30 minutes after turn off, to cool down to dismantle the box; Our LED HMI lamp switch on and off immediately, so move from different scenesis so easy with the LED HMI.
  2. Portable: LED HMI lamps plus a power cord, total weight of about 7.5 kg, can be easily into the portable box, easy to carry and move.
  3. Car battery power supply: ST-J300AD AC-DC LED HMI lamp, can be connected to the car battery power through a specially configured adapter cabl

Technical Parameters:

FEATURE Traditional 1.2K HMI lamp ST-300AD
Spot diameter of 3.6m

Irradiation distance 3m

1934Lux 3400Lux
Color temperature 6500K 5600K
CRI 84 90
R9 31 65
R14 93 95
AC power 1200W 300W
Brightness adjustable adjustable
Weight (Kg) 10 7.5
package Container Container / Handbag alternative



Four power supply modes

  1. AC power supply.
  2. 48V DC power supply
  3. 14V camcorder battery-powered (Sony V-mount or Anton Gold mount)
  4. 13.2V from car battery power supply



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